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About CJ Recruiting


CJ Cavazos

Certified recruting specialist

CJ Cavazos is an accomplished leader in the sports industry with over 25 years of experience in collegiate recruiting.  With past roles as Director of college and Professional Relations for the XFL and the University of Nebraska's Director of Football Relations, his extensive background includes founding and leading 

a respected Texas based recruiting company, showcasing his expertise as a talent evaluator and fostering strong relationships within collegiate and professional coaching circles.  Cavazos is poised to bring his wealth of knowledge and network to elevate a program's operations and talent acquisition strategies.

the program

This agency has been in business since 1995.  First of all, my name is CJ Cavazos.  I am a father and Ex-Football Coach.  My background is very diversified.  I coached High School Football and College Football.  In 2002 I was a part of the Bill Walsh Minority Coaching Internship with the Arizona Cardinals. My passion for HS Athletes came from my coaching job at Dallas Carter High School.  While at Dallas Carter I had the honor of working for Bruce Chambers, (Now the TE Coach at the University of Texas).  I learned a lot about recruiting at Dallas Carter.  Our football teams had many Division 1 athletes.

We send players to schools like Miami, Notre Dame, Purdue, Texas, Texas A & M, Texas Tech, Baylor, Arkansas, Arkansas State, LSU, Oklahoma State, Tulsa, New Mexico, UCLA, USC etc.  There are so many schools, but the truth is that I’m probable missing a lot more.  In the 90’s Dallas Carter was a ONE-Stop shop for College Coaches.  A Division 1, Division 1-AA or Division 2 coach could stop at Dallas Carter HS and see 30-40 Division 1, 1-AA, or 2, athletes in one practice.  I learned to listen to those coaches and ask them what they were looking for.


While at Dallas Carter I had the pleasure of meeting Coaches like, Urban Meyer while he was the WR Coach at Notre Dame and now the Head Football Coach at Ohio State University, Kevin Sumlin while he was the WR coach at Purdue and now the Head Football Coach at Texas A & M University, Curtis Luper while he was the DB coach at Stephen F. Austin and now the Recruiting Coordinator at TCU, Steve Kragthorpe while he was the WR coach at Texas A & M and now the QB Coach at LSU, Curtis Johnson while he was the WR Coach at Miami, and now the Head Football Coach at Tulane, Ron Milus while he was the DB Coach at Texas A & M and now the DB Coach for the San Diego Chargers, Steve Wilks while he was the DB Coach at Notre Dame and now the DB Coach for the Carolina Panthers.  This is just a few of the coaches that I can honestly say are “MY GUYS”.

These relationships are very special to me, in saying that I will not just take anyone as a CLIENT.  We will evaluate each and every player and determine as a STAFF if we feel that YOUR SON/DAUGHTER has a chance to compete at the Collegiate level.  If we feel that your child does have a chance we will set up a meeting and take the next step.

the philosophy

We do things differently.  We will evaluate each prospective athlete as a staff to determine if we feel they have a realistic chance of competing at the next level.  If we believe they do, then I will meet with you and your son/daughter personally to review his/her athletic and academic accomplishments, to listen to what the family would like to accomplish, and to form my own opinion of where the athlete might best fit in. Please view our website, find out about the company, what we do, testimonials and so much more. Please feel free to contact us. We look forward to speaking with you soon.

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